Story Tellers

Harmonize is an online community hub and video/live event format that shares the experiences of our diverse population in Peel Region. We work with individuals and community groups who are open to sharing an aspect of their journey, their art, or their food.

We work with individuals to help them become effective storytellers that can craft a brief performance that will inspire. We help develop your communication and ensure you can present professionally. We also capture your performance digitally and often showcase it on so that it can be remembered and serve as inspiration for others.

There are 3 types of story tellers we work with:

  1. Presenters. These are individuals that have demonstrated community involvement, and are open to learning and crafting a vivid story that shares an aspect of their life’s journey to be here in Canada.
  2. Dancers, Musicians and Artists. These performers have experience creating art, or performing their talent to an audience. The performance can be performed individually or as part of a small group.
  3. Culinary Artisans. These are individuals who love to make great food and can prepare a samples. The food will normally be created prior to the start of an event and presented to audience members between story tellers, dancers, musicians and artists.

Please complete the contact form if you are interested in finding out more or if you have been inspired by one of our videos to develop the communications skills of yourself and organization..

About Brampton Focus

Harmonize is a project by Brampton Focus Community Media, a Brampton based non-profit that works to engage residents on issues of social, civic, economic and safety concerns. We provide media and online services for the community, help to promote community causes, and provide opportunities for residents to discuss and provide feedback to community leaders.