Culturefest 2019

Hundreds of students participated in the annual Culturefest event organized by students at Turner Fenton Secondary School located at Kennedy Rd and Steeles. The double-gymnasium in the North Hall building was packed with parents and spectators to watch over 40 performances ranging from the Waltz to Bhangra. This year’s theme was based on time travel.

Storyteller: Ruby Sahota

MP Ruby Sahota shares an emotion filled childhood story of the challenges of being different and trying to fit in. She reflects on the use of the word "costume" and how it brings her back to growing up in #Brampton.

Storyteller: Heather Beamish

Heather Beamish moved to the "big" city of #Brampton just before high school to live with her mom. She loved the city's diversity and going to church every Sunday morning. The strength and love of her Christian faith intersected with her sexuality. She is proof that it is possible "for a person to reconcile, embrace and honour" their faith and sexuality. She shares a spoken world performance of her journey. 

Storyteller: Rowena Santos

Rowena Santos is a long-term resident of Brampton, Ontario. She is a powerhouse who describes herself as "a proud Bramptonian inspired by community and driven by a passion to change the culture of politics to move our city forward." She is serving as a Regional City Councillor for Wards 1 and 5 in the City of Brampton, Ontario

Storyteller: Tina Larsen

Tina Larsen's dyslexia diagnosis as a child set low expectations for her. Her father wouldn't have it and said she can "do whatever she wants to". After moving to Canada in the final year of high school, her blonde hair and blue eyes deceived her school mates. She credits her "Viking" heritage for standing up for her ESL classmate whose turban was knocked off. Watch as she exposes the harsh realities of achieving the Canadian dream. (Extra gratitude to Tina for giving her talk while under the weather)

Storyteller: Sophia Brown Ramsay

Sophia Brown Ramsay shares her vivid story that starts in a "cane field" in #Jamaica and has taken her recently in front of a Senate of #Canada Committee. She shares the love and inspiration offered to her by family and role models including her high school teacher who went above a beyond after a serious accident.

Storyteller: Filiz Ozmisir

Filiz Ozmisir was inspired by her mother to break cycles and achieve her full potential. 14 years ago, arriving in Canada as an International...

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