Friday, September 29, 2023

Video & Communication Training

Are you interested in helping create dynamic social videos of your group’s cultural or community event? You can save your organization thousands in professional videographer fees and create more impactful videos that can be seen by thousands of people across Brampton and Peel Region

The best way to learn how social video and live streamed videos are created is by immersing yourself in a real-word production. After a few sessions, you’ll be ready to take on a specific task like audio setup, camera setup, testing, video switching, live stream broadcasting, video editing, graphic design and web distribution. If you love learning, this volunteer opportunity is for you.

in 2018 we organized a series of Tuesday Townhalls as a training program to guide community volunteers through the video production and distribution workflow (see samples below). In 2019, we are opening up all of our community media projects for volunteers to learn and participate. Send us a message letting us know who you are, why your are interested, if you are affiliated with a community organization and how much time you can spare to learn.


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