Peel Region’s diversity provides a unique opportunity to shine on a world scale. Unlike most other places, our region is made up of people from everywhere. We live together in relative peace and prosperity and work towards a better life together.

Unfortunately, incidents of hate, intolerance and racism continues to occur in our communities. They cause us to question the progress we have made in breaking down stereotypes. When these incidents are shared online they have the effect of dividing us. The media salivates for these incidents as they increase readership and advertising revenue.

Harmonize.ca is working to end this cycle of polarization. We are showcasing the ongoing contribution of our diverse groups, breaking down negative stereotypes, and inspiring each other. We truly believe that Peel Region is the most diverse place in the world and we have an opportunity to leverage this on a world-wide scale.

Our Peel Region Kick-off was held on Sunday March 25, 2018.


Communication is the key to knowledge and understanding. Unfortunately, technology is changing how we communicate and it is challenging for groups to effectively share information, especially to the broader community. We believe strongly that video communication is the most powerful tool to share ideas and are providing training solutions that enable individuals and organizations to leverage video communication. As well, harmonize.ca is being developed as an online hub where all groups and organizations can collaborate and showcase their success.

On Sunday, March 25th at 2pm, we are producing a unique and intimate Cultural Exchange experience. You will be inspired through storytelling, dance, and exotic food. Residents that come to Peel Region via Denmark, Turkey, Syria, Jamaica, India, Phillipines, and Sri Lanka are training as master storytellers to share their path to life in Canada. Cultural dances are being choreographed to highlight the significance of their movement. You will gain an appreciation for the land we stand on, the people who first lived here, the breadth of cultures that are thriving here, and the possibilities that exist when diverse people are brought together.

About Brampton Focus

Harmonize is a project by Brampton Focus Community Media, a Brampton based non-profit that works to engage residents on issues of social, civic, economic and safety concerns. We provide media and online services for the community, help to promote community causes, and provide opportunities for residents to discuss and provide feedback to community leaders.